The Whiskey Review: Johnnie Walker Black vs The Glenlivet

[Originally published March, 2012 at Manarchy Magazine]

The Whiskey Review: Johnnie Walker Black vs The Glenlivet

Round 1

We’ve got a couple big contenders lined up for this month’s tasting. Last time we covered the ubiquitous Jack Daniels Old No 7, which is probably the most well-known, best-selling whiskey in America. Today we’re going to cover two of the most well-known, best selling whiskeys the world over, so I thought I’d set it up like a cage match.

Even though neither of these bottles are what you would call an investment to purchase, both ringing up at around $25-35 US, I’d still recommend finding a liquor store that carries the smaller sample bottles or going Dutch with a drinking buddy. This is primarily because if you like one selection, chances are you won’t like the other. So, proceed with caution.

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