Subliminal Messiah Release and Soundtrack


Subliminal Messiah Soundtrack

Subliminal Messiah is officially released today, so here’s the link* to download the accompanying soundtrack for free.

To grab a print or electronic copy of the novel, head over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Also, if you’ll be in the Minneapolis area near the end of March, I’ve been invited to a local author signing event at the Maple Grove Barnes and Noble on March 25th. There will also be a Perfect Edge Books release party with myself and Eddy Rathke as hosts at The Beat Coffeehouse in Uptown March 28th. Special guest Nate Tower of Bartleby Snopes will also be joining us for the evening. More details TBA soon.

For now, check out the free music and spread the word.

* Email me for new download link. This one’s broken. ~ADJ

La Place Carenage : Now Live at Port Cities Review

For those of you following me here, I’ve got a few quick updates.

Subliminal Messiah is 80% done with the editing process and will be heading back over to my publisher for a final look this weekend. Then, of course, some real work begins. Nonetheless, the prospect of a first novel in print is exciting and I couldn’t be happier.

I have a short story slated for the upcoming Booked. Anthology. What’s interesting about this one is how it ties into the final item. Both short stories are set in Saint Lucia. However, this first one was written after a brief visit in 2011, and the next one was written in the last few weeks, as a collection of thoughts and impressions on living and working on the island.

Which leads me to the new story now live at the fledgling online literary journal, Port Cities Review. It’s a short call La Place Carenage, and is set in the duty free shopping area in Castries, which is the capital of Saint Lucia.

Here’s a teaser:

I was heading to one of the many food shacks of downtown Castries before work. The broken asphalt smelled like a mixture of rain, orange crush and stale piss all turned to steam in the Caribbean sun. I lit a cigarette to fend off the smell, watching my shadow shoot long and alien down half the block ahead of me. Those few moments before the city woke up were the only quiet moments of the day.

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