Please allow Steve Erickson to tell you about Warmed and Bound

Front cover design

The book is called, Warmed and Bound : A Velvet Anthology, and among such notable writers as Craig Clevenger, Stephen Graham Jones and Brian Evanson, you’ll find a short story of my own. For a complete list of authors, click here or go to the official site (which looks hauntingly like my own, and that’s awesome).

Steve Erickson has written up his take on the collection in the form of a foreword, so here’s a little taste of that.

 The writers of the Velvet are contemporary fiction’s most effective and least self-conscious aesthetic guerrillas and obliterators of “literature,” vaporizing arbitrary distinctions intended to tame a spirit that needs neither distinctions nor quotation marks.  The result is fiction at once conceived from high artistic intent and executed with depraved populist energy.

Warmed and Bound : A Velvet Anthology will be available on Friday, July 22 on Amazon both in print (15.95) and as an eBook.

You can “like” the book on facebook and stay up to date on the release either here, on twitter @WarmedAndBound, or on the official website.

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