Warmed and Bound News and Interviews

Warmed and Bound is now available at Amazon.com, and was so popular on Barnes and Nobles’ site that we effectively broke the computer (and until they get things figured out, I suggest ordering through Amazon.)

The good news out of all that, however, is that we climbed the B&N sales charts, becoming the #1 trending book the day of release, and finishing the night #7 overall and #3 in paperbacks, just above the Harry Potter boxed set. Which is quite an accomplishment, to say the least.

In other news, many of the authors from the collection have been interviewed by Booked Podcast and many of those interviews are available now, with many more to come in the following days. Mine just went live today, as a matter of fact.

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label I'd been saving for the release.

All in all, we’re selling like hot cakes and getting some real recognition.

I’m sure all you who read the blog have already ordered a copy, and if it was cancelled form B&N due to the popularity, you’ve likely placed your order elsewhere.

How you can help, of course, is by spreading the word and keeping the momentum going.

Many thanks to those of you who have been supportive of me and the rest of the Velvet writers, for your loyalty and your friendship, and for making this whole experience such a rewarding success, and cheers to all of you.


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To order Warmed and Bound : A Velvet Anthology on Amazon, click here.

To check out my Booked Podcast interview click here. (And be sure to check out the other contributors as well. There’s some real gold in these interviews.)

To stay up to date with more book news faster than I am able to post, check out Warmed and Bound dot com.

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Book Review : Charactered Pieces

Caleb J. Ross’s 66 page chapbook titled Charactered Pieces should be read and discussed. It’s simply worth talking about. So if I may…

It’s incisively honest, nauseatingly powerful, borderline voyeuristic. All in the best way.

This collection leads you along a razor’s edge of human vulnerability and frailty, poised to catch you off guard at every turn and cradle you the moment you break. And you will break, if you have a heart at all.

But these stories don’t scar you, they stir the memory of your own ghosts long forgotten (or maybe not so long) and it is this unexpected rapport that breaks your fall, keeps you coming back to the collection like a moth to the flame. Maybe these stories will lead you a little close, maybe you’ll be singed when you’re through, but you’ll feel more alive for it.

Ross reliably constructs the type of scenarios we all walk away from carrying a deeper appreciation, in time, of the painful memories that have made us exactly who we are.

Find it on : Outsider Writers Collective : Amazon (Kindle edition)

Find him at : Caleb J. Ross

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